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Our Fleet

Our Fleet

SDR Transport has over 25 years of transport experience and we have made the right investment in fleet and personal to operate efficiently and effectively. Our comprehensive vehicle fleet consist of Vans, Utes, Trucks, and Semi Trailers.​

Our Services


Fleet and Logistical Capabilities

SDR Transport can fully support the movement of freight in all of the following scenarios;

  • Project Work

  • Courier & Taxi Truck Vehicles

  • Standard, Express, and VIP Courier & Collections

  • Permanent Vehicle Hire

  • Specialised Vehicles including Tail Lift

  • Container Swinglift/ Skel service

Our Commitment


SDR Transport has been in business continuously since 1999 and enjoys a well deserved reputation for quality and integrity. We operate in strict  adherence to all applicable laws and conduct business ethically.  We have built a culture of honesty and service  throughout our organisation and seek to instil these values into all employee and contractor drivers.

We understand that we will be representing your brand and we pride ourselves on our customer service and reliability. SDR Transport has a dedicated Transport/ Trainer Manager and we invest in quality training. We are driven to ensure that you and your customers receive the highest quality service​.

Our People


SDR Transport has one of the most stable workforces in the transport industry and is committed to investing in quality people and processes. Emphasis is placed on the importance of quality customer interactions across the whole business. Our staff will endeavour to offer the best quality service in the industry.     

Sector-specific Solutions


There are a plethora of different trucks available for transport with SDR Transport, including and not limited to: Semi trailers 22 and 24 pallet Tauts and Flatbeds, Container Trucks, 12t Tauts, 12t Flatbeds, 8t Tauts, Vans, Utes, Crane trucks.  Ensuring your products will be placed to the exact conditions required with minimal buffer time, we provide an excellent service.  You can depend upon SDR Transport to handle your cargo with care and expertise.

Container Transport


At SDR Transport, we offer the full range of container trucks. Our employees/ drivers are seasoned drivers and are thoroughly familiar with the local network of roads.  Your container loads will be guaranteed to reach their destination on schedule and products still in their best of conditions.

    Land       Freight  Service

Fast and Seamless – SDR Transport the logistics company to have your cargo delivered to you efficiently and effectively, within your scheduled timings.  We are a reliable and flexible service that also adheres to your industry sector and match our logistics to your required cargo conditions. SDR Transport are the logistical experts you need for your company.

Storage Management



SDR Transport are experts in warehouse management, ensuring storage goods are safely kept and well indexed.

The SDR Transport Logistics team is always transport ready and operates within schedule.  Time and efficiency is of utmost priority when it comes to storage and subsequent movement. 

Your freight will always be accounted for and processed in mint condition in our trusted warehouse storage facility in Coopers Plains.

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